V-Groove Wheels: Definition and Applications

Carrying heavy loads from one point of your workplace to another can pose a safety risk to your staff members. The physical toll of carrying something heavy can lead to injuries. Manually moving heavy equipment and materials may also cause accidents that may damage your worksite or affect your operations.

For a safer moving process, you should take advantage of the different tools available today. One of these tools that you can use in your workplace is V-groove wheels.

What is a V-Groove Wheel?

A V-groove wheel is a type of caster that has a V-shaped groove on its outside diameter, which typically appears flat or radius. This tool is specifically designed to assist in moving heavy loads and equipment from one place to another by rolling on iron tracks. V-groove wheels can also be used as regular wheels and rolled on flat surfaces.

This type of caster wheel can be made from different types of materials. It is often made using nylon and cast iron but can also be manufactured using the following:

  • Polyurethane
  • Glass-filled nylon
  • Gray iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Metal
  • Machine steel
  • Ductile steel

No matter what material it’s made from, a V-groove wheel can still withstand carrying heavy loads. That’s why it’s often utilized in different applications and industries across the world.

V-Groove Wheels Applications

Although you might think that V-groove wheels are only used in industrial applications, they are useful in different industries as well. Here are some common applications of V-groove wheels:

Automobile and Aerospace Assembly

Cars and aircraft are made of heavy components that can be dangerous to carry. To help keep technicians safe when assembling these types of vehicles, they use V-groove wheels to move heavy parts to where they are needed.

Instead of carrying them, technicians load machine parts on a platform fitted with V-groove wheels and roll them on inverted angle iron tracks or the floor. They then bring the component near the vehicle to make installation much easier.


Welding machines are compact but heavy pieces of equipment that often need to be moved from one point of the workplace to another. To avoid using a forklift or another type of equipment, welding machines are often placed on a cart or trolley that has V-groove wheels. The machine is then rolled around the workplace freely, often without using inverted iron tracks.

Small Business Operations

V-groove wheels are useful for all kinds of businesses. It can be utilized in moving different kinds of equipment that may be too heavy to be carried, such as sawmills, ovens, measurement equipment, and ventilation machines.

Construction and Architecture

Aside from carrying heavy equipment from one point to another, V-groove wheels also have a place in houses and other buildings. They are often used for sliding gates to make opening and closing much easier. V-groove wheels can also be utilized for sliding doors.

Use V-Groove Wheels for Any Project

V-groove wheels come in different sizes to address your unique needs. Whether you’re using it for industrial applications or your house, there is a V-groove wheel size for you. To learn more about this product, get in touch with us at Global Nexus Corporation.

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