About Global Nexus Corporation

Global Nexus Corporation started out as a trader of black iron and galvanized steel in 1995. But, being in a developing country, there was a lot of room for us to grow. With the public and private sectors bullish about expansion, we found the perfect opportunity to realize our vision of the future. By the 2000s, the company expanded to stainless steel and steel pipes, an increasingly popular choice among many industries.

Today, Global Nexus Corporation partners with steel pipe manufacturers in the country and around the world for a steady supply of durable and quality stainless steel materials.

The economy is still growing, faster and bigger than ever, the government is pushing for more local manufacturers and distributors to supply the materials that companies need. Global Nexus Corporation is one of the many companies that answered the call, and we have been at the forefront of quality, sustainability and reliability.


National Development

We acknowledge our part in helping the national development. Iron and steel are the building blocks of many industries, and the demand will only increase, both in the housing and social infrastructure sectors.

We are a trusted, leading and steady supplier for many purchasers, contractors, manufacturers, architects and engineers. We can assist in developments throughout the country.


Global Nexus Corporation is proud of the sustainability practices within the company. It’s a level-one priority for our long-term growth and continued success. More than that, it’s a critical requirement of our future as well as our clients. From the start, we believed that iron and steel products can be sustainable.

Stainless steel encapsulates it best, as the non-corrosive, 100% recyclable and durable material that has become a staple in construction projects. We, as a company, want to play the same indispensable role for our clients, and you can count on us to work hard to gain your favor and your business.


It’s an arduous process selecting the iron and steel products that go into our inventory. We only sell the materials that pass the highest standards. It has become a hallmark of our service, whereas the clients receive the best from the start. Our products are unparalleled, but we make sure our customer service is on the right level.

A big part of our reputation is the relationships with local and foreign steel manufacturers we’ve built through the years. They produce the best iron and steel products, and for our clients, only the best will do.

It has been a long journey, but we hope to serve new and old industry players with the steel products that they need.

Global Nexus Corporation hopes to be your steel supplier in Metro Manila and across the Philippines

Engineers, architects, contractors, manufacturers, and steel purchasers trust us. We offer a large inventory, and we are committed to national development and promoting sustainability in our industry. We look forward to serving you.