V-Groove Wheels Ideal for Heavy-Duty Applications

Moving heavy materials and equipment from one point of the work site to another is much easier with the help of V-groove wheels. This kind of wheel is designed with a V-shaped groove on its outside diameter, to make it more suitable for rolling on tracks. This allows the V-groove caster wheel to move more smoothly and efficiently along tracks, eliminating downtime associated with traditional wheels.

However, these wheels can also roll on concrete and oily and greasy floors. Even without laying out tracks on your job site, you can still take advantage of V-groove wheels’ functionality.

V-groove caster wheels are also suitable for heavy-duty applications. Heavy-duty V-groove casters are made from durable materials, including steel and iron. These components allow the caster wheels to carry and transport loads that weigh 200 to 700 kg.

Because of their durability and versatility, heavy-duty V-groove casters are used by professionals in different industries. This material can often be found on industrial, construction, mining, and agricultural sites for tasks such as moving heavy equipment, carts, racks, and other items that require good traction control.

Item Code: 39-04-01
Load Capacity: Heavy Duty (200 kgs to 700 kgs)
Available Sizes: 4 inches to 8 inches

Excellent for Floor type:

  • Concrete
  • Oily and Greasy Floor
V-Groove Wheels

Applications of V-Groove Wheels

V-groove wheels are reliable tools that make moving heavy materials and equipment across the work site much easier. Whether you’re trying to transport a single large item or a larger number of smaller items, V-groove wheels are an economical choice.

This type of caster wheel is often made from different durable materials. So, you can be sure to find one that can address your project’s specific needs no matter how demanding they can be.

Because of their usefulness, V-groove caster wheels are often utilized by different professionals across various industries. Some of the most popular applications for this tool include the following:

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