Black Iron Square Tubes That Can Sustain Your Project’s Demand

At Global Nexus Corporation, we offer high-quality black iron steel square tubing that can withstand any project’s demand. The products we offer are made of the finest black iron available to us to ensure their durability, no matter where they are used.

Known for their reliability, our black iron square tubular steel is trusted by various professionals across different industries for their projects. Whether it’s for a construction project or any other application, our square tubes provide the perfect solution. It can also be used in heavy-duty applications, such as structural support, automobile production, and construction equipment manufacturing.

Additionally, to meet your ever-changing needs, we make sure to offer our stainless-steel square tubing in different sizes. This ensures that you will get the right size of black iron steel square tubing for your project. It also allows for a variety of customizations, so you can be sure that the material you obtain is suitable for your exact specifications.

Durable Black Iron Square Tubes

Applications of Black Iron Square Tubes in Different Industries

Black iron square tubes find diverse applications across various industries due to their unique properties and versatility.

Black Iron Steel Tube and Pipe Sizes

Approx. Thickness (mm)
Thickness Gauge Guide
Sizes (in MM) and Thickness Gauge
13mm x 13mm24201816
16mm x 16mm2220181612
19mm x 19mm24201816141210
25mm x 25mm24201816141210
30mm x 30mm242018161410
38mm x 38mm222018121412106
50mm x 50mm22201816141210864
75mm x 75mm1614121084
100mm x 100mm141084
125mm x 125mm84
150mm x 150mm1084
300mm x 300mm4

Why Choose Black Iron Square Tubing for Your Project

Black iron square tubes are reliable because of their high strength-to-weight ratio. Whether you’re taking on a structural support, automobile production, or construction equipment manufacturing project, this material can provide the durability you’re looking for.

At Global Nexus Corporation, we offer black iron square tubing in different sizes to fit your specific needs. Fill out the form below to learn more about how we can help you.

black iron square tube

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