Most Common Applications of Round Steel Tubes

Round steel tubes are a versatile and durable material that is often preferred by professionals in different industries. Coming as either welded or seamless, stainless steel tubing is known for being utilized in the following applications:

Architecture and Construction

One of the most common applications of round steel tubes is in the architecture and construction industries. This sturdy material can be used to strengthen different structures in a building and act as support beams for ceilings and roofs. Its anti-corrosion property is also useful in avoiding gas leaks in buildings.

Additionally, since round stainless steel tubes look smooth and polished, they are also used for aesthetic purposes. Apart from being hidden behind walls and ceilings, round steel tubing is used as handrails and railings in residential and commercial buildings.


In industrial settings, round steel tubes are used to transport water, gases, and liquid waste to and from houses and different commercial establishments. This material is preferred for this kind of application because of its composition. Stainless steel can withstand carrying a variety of substances from one point to another without dealing with corrosion and leaks, making it a safe choice.

Stainless steel round tubing is also used as a component in various industrial machines. This material is used in hydraulic lifts, conveyor belts, and other pieces of equipment found in industrial settings.


One of the greatest applications of round stainless steel tubes is in the medical field. Because of their durability, round steel tubes are the best choice for medical equipment and patient-assistance applications.

Round steel tubing is used in medical machines that deal with bodily fluids and chemicals. Its corrosion-resistant property allows it to withstand carrying different kinds of liquids without breaking down and leaking. The composition of round steel tubes also makes it easier for healthcare professionals to clean and sanitize after every use.

This sturdy material is also used in making implants. The most common type of implant made using stainless steel round tubing is bone implants.

Since this kind of implant most often needs to be tube-shaped, creating it from round steel tubes is easier. It is also safer because stainless steel tubes are more likely to be accepted by the recipient’s body and avoid any complications.

Automotive and Aerospace

Vehicles and aircraft require sturdy materials that can withstand extreme conditions, such as high heat and even intense pressure. Because of this, technicians often turn to use stainless steel round tubing when manufacturing cars, planes, and even spacecraft.

Round stainless steel tubes have been proven to be sturdy enough to withstand extreme heat and pressure in vehicles without deforming or being damaged. It is also light enough to support vehicles’ structures without weighing them down and affecting their performance.

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