Stainless Steel Square Tubes

The Right Stainless Steel Square Tubing For Your Project

Turn to Global Nexus Corporation for all of your stainless steel square tubing needs. We source all our stainless steel square tubes from reputable suppliers, so you do not need to worry about the quality of the products we provide you. You can also assess every stainless steel square hollow pipe you purchase from us to see if they meet your standards.

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Applications of Stainless Steel Square Pipes

If you are still thinking if you need stainless steel square tubing for your project, learn more about its remarkable properties and wide range of applications. First, stainless steel square hollow pipes are effective in resisting corrosion and are a highly durable material. These properties make them one of the leading choices for the following applications:

Stainless Steel Square Tube Sizes

Rely on us to provide you with excellent quality stainless steel square hollow pipes for your projects. Regardless of the industry you’re in, you can count on us for materials that meet your specifications and suit your needs. We offer the following stainless steel square tube sizes here in the Philippines:

Approx. Thickness (mm)
Thickness Gauge Guide
Sizes (in MM) and Thickness Gauge
13mm x 13mm24201816
16mm x 16mm2220181612
19mm x 19mm24201816141210
25mm x 25mm24201816141210
30mm x 30mm242018161410
38mm x 38mm222018161412106
50mm x 50mm22201816141210864
75mm x 75mm1614121084
100mm x 100mm141084
125mm x 125mm84
150mm x 150mm1084
300mm x 300mm4

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Upgrade your projects with our top-tier stainless steel square tubes. Our precision-engineered pipes guarantee unparalleled durability, corrosion resistance, and versatility.

Elevate your construction, manufacturing, or structural projects with confidence. Explore our wide range of sizes and superior-quality options today.

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Stainless Steel Square Tube

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