Caster Wheels Supplies in the Philippines

Keep Rolling with the Right Caster Wheels

Caster wheels, often shortened to casters or castors, are detached wheels designed to serve as a structural part of a vehicular body so it can be moved. Essentially, it’s a wheel and a bracket or mount attachment ready for assembly. Global Nexus Corporation, a leading supplier and distributor of iron and steel in the Philippines, also provides heavy-duty castors and wheels for a variety of applications.

The Many Uses of Castors and Wheels

The caster wheels we offer for sale can be used in the following:

  • Platform trucks
  • Carts
  • Assembly lines
  • Tow lines
  • Shopping cars
  • Office chairs
  • Hospital beds
  • Material handling equipment

Given their wide range of uses, it’s not surprising that there is a market for high-quality caster wheels in the Philippines. Contact us for all your project’s demands.

The Different Types of Castors and Wheels

Caster wheels are usually categorized according to the direction that the fork or yoke enables. In general, you can buy two main types of castors and wheels:

Global Nexus Corporation hopes to be your steel supplier in Metro Manila and across the Philippines

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