Black Steel Pipes 101: Basic Things You Need to Know About This Material

Steel piping is widely used in different residential and industrial projects. It is mostly preferred by contractors because of its great ability to withstand vibrations, shock, and high pressure compared to tubes made from other materials.

One common type of steel piping is the black steel pipe. Compared to its counterpart, the galvanized pipe, this material is not coated with any kind of substrate. The iron oxide that forms on its surface during the manufacturing process provides it with a dark-colored surface, giving it its name.

Characteristics of Black Steel Pipes

Black steel pipes are strong and tough, making them perfect for applications requiring sturdy materials. This material’s tensile strength is also uniform along its entire length. This is useful for ensuring consistent and predictable diameters.

One of black steel pipe’s interesting characteristics is that despite its strength, the material is still lightweight. This makes it ideal for various applications, including the manufacturing of automobile and machine parts.

However, because of its lack of coating, black steel pipes are easily corroded. This is why they are not used for transporting potable water. The water will corrode the pipes and rust and other minerals from the material can dissolve into the liquid and contaminate the liquid.

Uses of Black Steel Pipes

Black steel pipes are widely used in various industries. Some of their most common applications include the following:

  • Transporting gas and water to rural and urban areas
  • Conduits for protecting electrical wiring
  • Delivering high-pressure steam and air
  • Piping large quantities of oil from remote areas
  • Distributing gas inside and outside homes
  • Piping for water wells and sewage systems
  • Manufacturing parts for automobiles, refrigeration units, and heating and plumbing systems
  • Making flagpoles and streetlamps

Types of Black Steel Pipes

This material can be categorized into different groups based on the way it was manufactured. Black steel pipes are manufactured by rolling a steel plate or strip steel and welding its seams. Different welding methods result in either straight seam or spiral welded pipes.

Steel pipes created through this process are more cost-effective, have higher dimensional tolerances, and are lighter. They are used for transporting gas, vapor, water, and other liquids in low- to medium-pressure environments, including water and sewage systems.

Another type of black steel pipe is the seamless steel pipe. This is a kind of hollow steel pipe that does not have any welding lines. It is created by taking a solid billet and piercing through its center to create a hollow cross-section without seams.

Seamless steel pipes are characterized by their lightness and high anti-bending and anti-torque strength. They are also made to withstand high-pressure environments, making them ideal to be used in structural and machine parts. Seamless steel pipes can also be used for transporting liquid to and from different areas.

Shapes of Black Steel Pipes

Aside from being categorized in terms of how they were manufactured, black steel pipes with hollow cross-sections can be grouped based on their shapes. This material can be circular, square, or rectangular.

galvanized square
  • Circular Hollow Section: This is the most common type of hollow section steel pipe. It is typically used in construction projects and various structural and mechanical applications.
  • Rectangular Hollow Section: Their flat surfaces make rectangular hollow section pipes more economical for joining and other fabrication processes. Because of this, it is a popular choice in construction, structural, and mechanical applications.
  • Square Hollow Section: This type of hollow section steel pipe strikes a balance between the circular and rectangular hollow section pipes. It possesses the aesthetic and symmetrical properties of circular hollow section pipes while also having rectangular hollow section pipes’ flat surfaces.

Obtain High-Quality Black Steel Pipes for Your Next Project

Black steel pipes are essential in ensuring the success of your construction, structural, or mechanical projects. They provide buildings and other properties with a structural strength that helps them withstand various external factors. This type of material also ensures that gas and other liquids are safely transported to different areas or other parts of a machine.

Choosing high-quality black steel pipes for your project will allow you to avoid any additional problems that can occur with subpar materials. You can easily accomplish this once you work with a trusted black steel pipes distributor and supplier in the Philippines, such as Global Nexus Corporation.

You can count on us to provide you with the right type of black steel pipe for your project and offer excellent customer service. Get in touch withus today for more information.

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