Steel Hollow Sections 101: A Quick Guide to This Highly Versatile Material

Steel is a common material found in construction and industrial sites. It has been a trusted component in several projects because of its durability and availability.

When used in construction, steel often comes in different forms. It can be used by itself or mixed with other materials to address a project’s certain needs. One of the most common forms of steel used in various industries is hollow sections.

What is Steel Hollow Section?

Steel hollow section or hollow structural section (HSS) is a kind of steel material characterized by its empty cross-section. This kind of material is often used as welded frames, columns, and beams in different industries. They provide the required support to ensure the integrity of an infrastructure.

Different Kinds of Steel Hollow Sections

HSS comes in various shapes and sizes to accommodate the different needs of professionals in every industry. The three main types of HSS are the following:

Circular Hollow Sections

The first form of HSS to be introduced in the market is circular hollow section or CHS. This kind of steel hollow section is preferred by professionals because of its versatility.

CHS is often used in a range of structural, mechanical, and construction applications. Because CHS doesn’t have any jutting edges, it is also used in aesthetic applications. Its smoothness is preferred by most architects when it comes to creating handrails, fences, and other structures.

Rectangular Hollow Sections

Another popular type of HSS is rectangular hollow section or RHS. Because of its shape, RHS has four flat surfaces that have been proven to be an economical feature when it comes to joining and fabricating different structures.

RHS’s flat surface is also ideal when it comes to architectural applications. Its clean lines offer a pleasant sight while still having the integrity to support the structure.

Square Hollow Sections

The last type of HSS is stainless steel square hollow sections or SHS. This is considered a hybrid of CHS and RHS because of its features, appearance, and structural behavior.

Similar to RHS, SHS has flat surfaces that make it ideal when welding different materials together. On the other hand, SHS has a symmetrical appearance like CHS, which makes it ideal for different architectural applications.

Acquire Steel Hollow Sections From a Trusted Distributor

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