V-Groove Wheels Ideal for Heavy-Duty Applications

V-groove wheels are a type of caster wheels that have a V-shaped groove on their outside diameter. The V-shaped groove was created to make these caster wheels suitable for rolling on tracks. However, you can still use these wheels to roll on concrete and oily and greasy floors. This type of caster wheel is often used for heavy-duty applications. There are different V-groove wheel sizes that can carry loads weighing 200 to 700 kgs, making them ideal for any type of industry.

Applications of V-Groove Wheels

V-groove caster wheels are often used in a variety of industrial applications. Getting them from a trusted distributor makes handling challenging tasks in any industry easier, especially when it comes to moving heavy loads.

Automotive and Mechanical Applications

Mechanics often use heavy industrial equipment in their jobs, which means having to move heavy machines all day long. To make this task easier and safer, V-groove wheels are often bought to move pieces of heavy equipment across the mechanic shop.

Transport Industry

Because of their heavy-duty capabilities, V-groove wheels are also utilized by transport and logistics companies. They use the wheels on raised tracks to move heavy equipment and cargo that may otherwise be too dangerous to carry.

Item Code: 39-04-01
Load Capacity: Heavy Duty (200 kgs to 700 kgs)
Available Sizes: 4 inches to 8 inches
Excellent for Floor type:
*Oily and Greasy Floor