Galvanized Steel Round Tubes for Your Project Needs

Complete your projects without worrying about their sturdiness by using galvanized round pipes. This material, just like galvanized square tubes, has undergone the galvanization process. The procedure provides galvanized steel round tubes with a zinc coating, which protects it from corrosive materials.

Applications of Galvanized Round Tubes

Due to their sturdiness and corrosion resistance properties, galvanized round tubes are trusted by several professionals in different industries. Here are some industries where round galvanized pipes are widely used.

Potable Water Transportation

Unlike black steel pipes, galvanized round tubes do not corrode even when they come into contact with water. Their coating also does not chip off, which means that potable water transported through galvanized round pipes will not be contaminated.


Galvanized steel round tubes are typically used by professionals as outdoor pipes. When plastic pipes are not strong enough for the job, plumbers and contractors opt for galvanized round pipes. This is usually the case when the outdoor conditions are too harsh. This material is also utilized for sewage plumbing. Due to their protective zinc coating, round galvanized pipes do not corrode or warp when carrying liquid waste from various facilities and households.

Outdoor Structures

Because of their corrosion resistance properties, galvanized steel round tubes are preferred by contractors when building outdoor structures. They use this durable material to create outdoor railings, fences, road signages, and lampposts.

Purchase Galvanized Round Tubes From a Reliable Distributor

You can count on our team at Global Nexus Corporation to provide you with the round galvanized pipes that you need for your project. To better suit your requirements, we offer this material in various sizes:
  • Galvanized Iron Round Tube 19.1
  • Galvanized Iron Round Tube 20.0
  • Galvanized Iron Round Tube 25.0
  • Galvanized Iron Round Tube 32.0
  • Galvanized Iron Round Tube 33.4
  • Galvanized Iron Round Tube 40.0
  • Galvanized Iron Round Tube 47.0
  • Galvanized Iron Round Tube 47.3
  • Galvanized Iron Round Tube 47.6
  • Galvanized Iron Round Tube 59.0
  • Galvanized Iron Round Tube 60.3
  • Galvanized Iron Round Tube 88.0
To learn more about the galvanized pipes that we offer, feel free to get in touch with us. You can also talk to us if you would like to place an order for our galvanized steel round tubes.