Improve Efficiency With Polyurethane Roller Blade Caster Wheels

Learn About the Polyurethane Caster Wheel

Polyurethane caster wheels offer exceptional durability, resilience, and versatility across a spectrum of applications. Renowned for their load-bearing capacity, these light-duty caster wheels excel in heavy-duty settings such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers. Their abrasion resistance ensures a prolonged lifespan even in rough terrains or constant use, making them ideal for carts, material handling equipment, and machinery.

PU caster wheels smoothly navigate various surfaces, minimizing noise and floor damage, while their non-marking properties are advantageous in environments where maintaining floor aesthetics is crucial. From industrial settings to commercial spaces, polyurethane caster wheels stand as reliable solutions for seamless and efficient mobility.

Item Code: 43-04-01
Type: Polyurethane
Load Capacity: Light Duty (20 kgs to 50 kgs)
Available Sizes: 3 inches (10mm x 22mm pin)

PU Roller Blade

Applications of Polyurethane Caster Wheels

These light-duty caster wheels offer versatile mobility solutions across diverse applications, combining durability and smooth maneuverability for lighter loads and delicate environments. They are suitable for carpeted, hardwood, and tiled flooring.

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