Complete Your Project With High-Quality Black Iron Steel Pipes

Black iron pipes are made from low-grade or mild steel that has not been galvanized. This material gets its name from dark iron oxide coating, which forms on the black steel pipe’s surface during manufacturing. The layer also helps protect the black iron tube from rust.

Applications of Black Steel Pipes

This type of material possesses high malleability, superior strength, sturdiness, and durability. This is the reason black iron pipe is a widely used material across different industries.

Natural Gas Transportation

Black iron pipes are primarily used to carry natural gas to and from houses and buildings. Professionals buy black iron pipes because, most of the time, they are manufactured without a seam. This means that the steel pipe does not have a weak point where natural gas can escape.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Unlike galvanized pipes, black iron tubes are more fire-resistant. This means that they will not melt or warp when fire catches in a house or building.

Oil Refineries

Apart from gases, black steel pipes are also great for carrying oil and petroleum products to and from refineries. When you buy this type of material, you can be sure it can withstand delivering large quantities of oil to different locations without leaking.

Water Wells and Sewage Systems

Black steel tubes are also utilized in building water wells and sewage systems. However, it cannot be used to transport potable water because it tends to corrode. The material’s coating may dissolve in the water and contaminate it.

Choose Global Nexus Corporation for Your Black Iron Pipe Needs

At Global Nexus Corporation, we ensure the quality of our black steel tubes from the supplier level. We source our steel and iron from leading steel and pipe manufacturers locally and globally, and we handpick those who become our trusted partners. We only want the best for our clients because many of them also provide metal supplies to builders of all kinds.

If you need high-quality black iron pipes for your project, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We are here to help you complete your projects seamlessly.