Galvanized Steel Pipes in the Philippines

Global Nexus Corporation is a trusted distributor of galvanized steel pipe supplies in the Philippines. We have a number of galvanized pipe sizes and dimensions available.

No project is too big or too small for us—we are your reliable source of galvanized steel in the country.

We have galvanized square tubes, round tubes, and rectangular tubes. All are available in several specifications. Our partners ensure compliance with the highest galvanization standards. In dry or wet environments, indoor or outdoor, its structural integrity will remain steadfast.

High Performance Material

If you wish to save costs on your structural material, galvanized iron pipes are your best option. It’s one of the most accessible materials in the Philippines. Its steel base is durable, and the zinc coating provides good corrosion resistance.

In urban, coastal or industrial application, you can expect long-term high performance from galvanized pipes. You can practically see it in all structures, in the city and rural areas. Being cost-effective and durable, it’s easy to see why it’s a go-to material in building any structure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Galvanized Steel

How is it made?

Galvanization is the process of applying a layer of zinc to steel or iron. Steel itself is prone to oxidization. So to protect it from rust, it’s submerged in a bath of molten zinc, which is called hot-dip galvanizing.

How strong is the rust protection?

It depends on the type or the thickness of the zinc coating. It will hold up to the usual sources of oxidation, but strong sulfuric compounds (hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, etc.) may corrode the steel.

Can you paint over galvanized steel?

In most cases, even with reasonable paint preparation, paint doesn’t last long on galvanized steel. The smooth finish, zinc treatment and without anchor patterns, it’s hard for paint to dry properly. It will eventually chip away.

What are the uses of galvanized steel?

Galvanized pipes in the Philippines are heavily used in construction projects. It provides strong structural qualities, making it suitable for railings, support beams, roofing, and other parts of a building process.

It’s also popular in HVAC applications as the main component for ductworks. You may also see it in highway signs, playgrounds, and industrial applications.

Can you bury galvanized steel?

How galvanized steel will fare underground depends on a variety of factors. The different kinds of soil means varying pH levels, moisture content, and various conditions. In addition, there are highly corrosive soils, and without seeing the pipes, it’s hard to determine the damage certain elements will do to the pipes.

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